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Every picture will be individually designed to your own specification (as per details below). The picture is painted onto thick quality watercolour paper and contains both a character portrait and the individuals name. The cost of your painting will be determined by the number of individuals. Please fill in the forms below to determine the price. For paintings with more than six characters please drop me an email at maggie@stoneacrestudios.com for a quote.

These forms also help us determine the specification of the picture required so please fill in as much information about the individual as possible e.g.  hair colour, favourite clothes and also include details about their likes, favourite items, etc . If you would like to send us further information e.g. a photo of the  individual, please feel free to drop us an email.  Examples can be found by following the 'Mini Me' link below.

When ordering it is imperative that the names are correctly spelt with the appropriate hyphens, capital letters, fada's, etc as this will form the basis of your painting.

Watercolored Character Pictures

All pictures come with a cream coloured mount.

Frames are currently not available.

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